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Confessions Of A Curvy Woman. As I write this, I’m munching on salted roasted cashew nuts. Which is kind of appropriate because  I’m about to write about food and body image.

I know nuts are high in fat, which in turn is not so great, particularly since I’ve already had spoonfuls of peanut butter today. And then I think, well at least it’s a ‘good’ fat only to quickly tell myself to shut up and stop making excuses. Then I admonish myself for choosing to eat the cashews in the first place because I decided two days ago to commit to cutting down fats. Well that really lasted. Good one Nadia.

But I want to let you in on a little secret. That inner voice speaking isn’t really me, telling myself to shut up. They’re not my words. That’s just Pierre, he’s been visiting my thoughts for years now. Possibly decades, multiple decades in fact. He was there when I was a teenager, telling me about my shameful ‘big tits,’ the wideness of my unfeminine shoulders, the roundness of my tummy, the yucky hairiness of my body. Please meet Pierre or as I also like to call him on my bad days, ‘Mr Body Shamer’.

Written by Nadia Fragnito. Photo by Arianna Ceccarelli

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