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What cooking Italian food means to me. A heart-to-heart with the four home cooks featured on the second season of The Chefs’ Line.

Most people – Italian or not – harbour a particular fondness for Italian food. Whether it’s an attachment to a pasta sauce recipe handed down through generations in a family, or a memory of a special meal shared with family and friends at home, the culinary heritage of Italy is one that seems to bring and bind people together, all revelling in a shared love of simple food done well – and, of course, a shared love of carbs.

For the home chefs featured on The Chefs’ Line Season 2, Episode 1 (which airs on Monday August 6 at 6pm), Italian food represents far more than a shallow pursuit. Nadia Holmes, Sebastien Le Cornu, Paolo Castriciano and Ivano Del Pio aren’t professionally trained, sure (unless hours spent learning the ropes under the close watch of family members counts), but that hasn’t stopped them from living and breathing Italian cuisine.

Written by Lucy Rennick. Photo by The Chefs Line

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