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IN THE MEDIA: Weekend Notes

Updated: Sep 21, 2020

Learn vegan Italian cooking secrets from Nadia at home. Expert vegan Italian chef Nadia Fragnito is hosting a series of virtual, interactive cooking events that will make you drool while you're social distancing at home this month.

Nadia is best known for her appearance on the Australian TV cooking series The Chef's Line when she transformed traditional Italian recipes into stunning vegan creations. Nadia also holds regular vegan Italian cooking classes and demonstrations, and writes articles for prominent vegan publications. Plus, Nadia has curated a bespoke vegan menu for the popular Melbourne Italian restaurant, Tutto Bene, and has published the vegan Italian cookbook Discovering Vegan Italian.

For Nadia, cooking (and eating the final product) is a pleasurable and joyful experience infused with passion. Nadia's virtual events draw on her Italian heritage as she recreates vegan versions of traditional recipes from her childhood. Across three virtual events this month, Nadia will walk you through some classic Italian dishes that can easily be made vegan. This will also be a fun way for you to overcome the social distancing barrier and bring you together with others virtually in the comfort of your own home.

Words by Justine de Jonge

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