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The Vegan Italian Collection - 2x book bundle

The Vegan Italian Collection - 2x book bundle

A perfect gift to yourself. Or the Italian food lover in your life! 


$99.95 (postage included for Australian residents).


This 2 Book Bundle includes:

1x copy Discovering Vegan Italian (soft cover)

1x copy A Vegan Summer in Southern Italy (hard cover)




"Without a doubt the best vegan Italian book on the market"


Discovering Vegan Italian is the perfect guide to veganising all your favourite Italian dishes such as Ricotta Cheese, Spaghetti Carbonara, Fettuccine al Burro, Polpette, Cannoli, Tiramisu and many other recipes that traditionally feature dairy, eggs, meat and seafood. Using simple techniques and a variety of plant-based ingredients, you can now enjoy the flavour and texture of traditional Italian cuisine in an ethical and creative way.


This is the perfect kitchen companion to have by your side when you're whipping up a mouth-watering Italian vegan dish for friends and family with 55 recipes and an informative guide for vegan ingredients, methods and loads of tips and suggestions for substitutions and additional recipe ideas.



"This is one of the most beautiful cookbooks I've read"


A Vegan Summer in Southern Italy: recipes and culinary adventures is a cookbook and travel guide that takes the reader on a culinary exploration of the cuisine and culture of the south, as experienced by the author on her own travels to Italy.


Each chapter showcases regional towns and recipes with vivid description and photography. Summon the spirit of the south in your own home with 70 authentic plant-based dishes, with every page transporting you on your own vegan Italian adventure.




This special also excludes promo codes. 




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