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Nadia Fragnito is a passionate vegan Italian cook, food writer, presenter and the author of Discovering Vegan Italian, a cookbook featuring 50 classic Italian dishes, such as tiramisu, spaghetti carbonara, carpaccio, polpette and ricotta ravioli.  She is based in Melbourne, Australia but loves to travel to Italy as much as she can. Her upcoming cookbook dedicated to southern Italian vegan cuisine (mid 2021) is a collection of recipes and flavours inspired from summers in the south of Italy, including plant based regional dishes and nostalgic recipes inspired by her nonna.  

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Praise for Discovering Vegan Italian

Without a Doubt the BEST Vegan Italian Book on the Market


As an amateur Italian chef and culinary historian, 100% Italian, and from a long line of Italian chefs, when I went vegan it really put my skills to the test. I still buy Non-vegan Italian cookbooks and then try to Veganize the recipes. Finding reliable vegan Italian cookbooks is very difficult, most are poor attempts at a cookbook with “Italian” thrown into the title (think of Chloe’s Italian Vegan book with her “nachos” recipes). Then there are the books that maintain a semblance of Italian identity but root themselves in the sloppy Italian-American traditions of bastardizing Naples cooking by covering everything in cheese, and none of that is how actual Italians in Italy cook nor eat.


In this book you have something unique: authentic Italian cooking and recipes that have been successfully Veganized. These recipes are authentic, skillful, adaptive, they remain true to Italian culinary traditions, and they don’t fall into some cultural appropriation of the food nor the people. Authenticity matters because authenticity is what real cooking and real flavor are all about. These recipes are authentic and delicious: you will never order out for Italian again.


There are at most four books on the market that do Italian cooking any justice from the perspective of Vegan cooking, this one should be your first purchase, it’s on the top of that list. If someone doesn’t think this book is any good, ignore every review they ever wrote: they certainly don’t know Italian cooking and culture. I would even say that outside of the Italian aspects, if you are looking to get started in Vegan cooking, this would be a great choice overall: there are so many great cooking techniques here for vegans of all levels.


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I just made your Walnut Ragu Lasagna. It’s honestly one of the best Vegan dishes I have eaten in years!! Can’t wait to make more things from your new book!! Thanks for sharing your amazing recipes.

Loving your cookbook! I went by your exact measurements and the zeppole turned out perfect!! I absolutely love your cookbook and look forward to making many more of your recipes!

The Vegan Italian Kitchen has made a masterpiece. It's so beautiful and looks seriously tasty. I've only been eating vegetarian for 6 months, but I'm so looking forward to trying some of the recipes in this book, especially the ossobuco, and learning how to make seitan. Now my mouth is watering. Well done Nadia. Thank you for being part of the inspiration to finally go meat free. 

 I was at your talk in Belgrave on the weekend, and looove your book. Just sat down for a plate of your lasagne for lunch, and it’s made my workday so much better Thank you!!

Thank you so much for sending me your amazing book Discovering Vegan Italian. It was a gift and was so beautifully presented that it was amazing and really appreciated. What an incredible present. We can’t wait to experience the amazing recipes that you have so lovingly crafted and perfected. Thank you.

What a gorgeous book!

Your writing is as clear as a bell, and the photos are incredible. I can't wait to cook something!

Looking forward to this. Enjoyed your presentation this morning, bought the cookbook and now we’re cooking the Vegetable Cacciatore. Gonna serve it with mash tonight. We’re having it with a vegan Italian wine, appropriately!

 It was soooooo good! 

We made the lasagne with walnut ragu yesterday and it was so delicious that my whole family devoured it! I can't wait to try more of the recipes from your new book.


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