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Summer Berry Cocktail

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This is a delightful summery cocktail that goes down a little too easily. You can use a combination of your favourite fruit juices and soft drinks. My favourite combo is with pineapple and lemonade or tropical juice and lemonade. 

Recipe by Nadia Fragnito

SERVES 8-10   |   5 MINUTES 

1-2 bottles vegan sparkling wine
½ litre vegan berry sorbet
1-2 litres pineapple juice, tropical juice or lemonade (or a mix of 2)
Fresh berries, lemon or mint to garnish (optional)

Place one ice cream scoop of sorbet into each champagne glass.

Top with half juice/lemonade and half sparkling wine.

Alternatively, you can pre-mix the cocktail into a large jug and then pour into individual glasses. 

Garnish with berries.  Serve immediately.

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