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RECIPES: A Vegan Italian Christmas Feast.

Updated: Aug 4, 2022

Buon Natale! Why not celebrate Christmas in Italian style this year? Enjoy a feast of flavourful, fun food that celebrates all the comforts of home-style cooking, gathering together with those you love most. Unfussy food that stimulates appetites and brings smiles of satisfaction and joy. That’s my kind of Christmas.

All recipes by Nadia Fragnito from Discovering Vegan Italian

Welcome to my Vegan Italian Christmas Feast menu - created just for you!

Antipasto Tofu carpaccio Pan-fried calamari Primi Ravioli with ricotta filling


Tempeh ragu with polenta


Cucumber and tomato salad


Zabaione with berries or poached fruit


The start of an Italian meal often includes a selection of cured meats, bitey cheeses, pickled and marinated vegetables and perhaps some seafood. It’s not particularly vegan, but alas, that doesn’t mean we can’t create such dishes. With the wide array of vegan sliced deli meats and cheese lining our shelves these days, you could fill your shopping basket with ready-made treats. But if you enjoy a little creativity and hands-on cooking, give these wondrous antipasto dishes a go.

Tofu Carpaccio