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PART 1: How to create a unique cookbook

It is said that we each have a book within us. Perhaps it's a self-help book, a Mills and Boon romance saga or an anthology of poetry. But what if the book that is within you is a cookbook? What food story do you have to tell? Which recipes most connect to your life? In this first blog, I guide you along the first exciting steps towards writing your own unique cookbook.

Find your story.

To begin with, I want you to understand how important your unique experiences are. If you yearn to write a cookbook, I know you already have a deep respect for food and cooking. I also know that you know - with every fibre of your being - that food weaves through almost every aspect of our lives. It is the thing that fuels and nourishes us. It also connects and creates community. Cooking involves knowledge, skill and reward. But there is also belonging and tradition.

Knowing the depths of your food experiences will help you discover your own unique story.

You may like to grab a pen and paper. Brainstorming can be one of the most inspiring stages of writing a cookbook. Write down anything that comes to mind.

So. Let's start at the beginning, with YOU.

Time to put that pen to paper.


-What was your upbringing like?
-What is your heritage?
-Can you recall any specific experiences growing up around food?
-Are there any strong images that pop up?
-How did you learn to cook?
-Who influenced your love for food? </